2018 Cancun Workshop

2018 Cancun Workshop

1,874.99 2,950.00

The 2018 Workshop will be October 14th through the 18th

Cancun Workshop - $1874.99 – The Best Price Ever*
*Price does not include airfare. Price subject to change until booked in full.

Includes: Room (double occupancy), all-day model shoots (sunrise, afternoon, sunset), photography instruction and discussions, all food at the hotel, all drinks including alcoholic drinks (some stipulations apply), travel to all photo shooting locations away from the hotel, nightly meetings of event and image review, nightly dinner reservations with the entire group (photographers and models), some equipment access available for shooting, beach locations, hotel locations, visit and photograph up and down the entire Riviera Maya…Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum! Shuttle too and from the airport…with our scheduled driver only!!

Jerome is planning to arrive one day early.

Our event hotel will be located on the beach in Cancun. One morning we will shoot sunrise in the pool and one morning we will shoot sunrise on the beach. Every afternoon we will shoot on location away from the hotel. Other shooting locations will include Isla Majeures, Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, and more…all locations are subject to change dependent on weather and crowd control.


14th arrive in Cancun – dinner and meeting
15th sunrise shooting - afternoon off-property location – evening dinner as a group
16th sunrise shooting – afternoon off-property location – evening dinner as a group
17th sunrise shooting – afternoon off-property location – evening dinner as a group
18th flight/travel day – sleep in day and/or extra party day for the models

(there is not a guaranteed party club – it is a group decision – cost maybe extra)

During the Cancun Workshop there are easy rules to follow that keep this a pleasant experience for everyone!!

Drinking Rules:

Models are not allowed to drink all day and get plastered during workshop days. A drink, or shot, or wine at dinner is great!!

Photographers – you may drink at your will – please understand that if it gets out of hand, or turns into a nuisance for the other participants, or in anyway is upsetting or threatening to the models, and finally, puts anyone in the group in an unsafe atmosphere…you will be put on a time out from all activities!!

Sunning and Suntan Rules:

Please everyone wears a hat, sunscreen, long sleeves, and any other type of sun protection!

Models…absolutely no sunbathing on the first day!! No sunburns allowed!!

All sun activities will be paced as best as possible.

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